Computer Networking Solutions

B&E provide a range of computer and network services for small businesses, who are looking for computer and network solutions.

LAN Design, Installation and Configuration

B&E provides networking services in Local Area Network (LAN) design, installation and configuration. We are specialising in the Microsoft Windows , Linux and Unix servers. In addition, we also experienced in a wide range of value added network services such as Internet sharing, printer sharing, email server/client, Remote Access Facilities and Network Fax Systems. So whether you are looking at installing a new network or redesigning and/or upgrading an existing network, B&E solutions will suit your needs.

Computer Software Services

Window , Linux and Unix installation and configuration services
Security Software installation and configuration services (Firewall and Virus Scan)

Application programs and servers installation services (MS Offices, Web server, mail server etc.)

Computer Hardware Services

Entire New system customs build for you
Existing system upgrades
(including RAM, hard disk, zip drive, video card, sound card, CPU Printer, modem, Scanner, Monitor, zip drive, Hub, Switch and others)

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