Welcome to our portfolio section, The materials below were selected as samples of our works, because of their wide range in design features and relations of the business type. You are welcomed to fill in our online feedback form and send us any comments on our art works. (In order to protect our clients' value, most of the art works in this section are marked with "B&E Sample" text label. For minimizing the loading time, we have to reduce the graphic size, and please understand that, the original art works have much higher resolutions and quality.)

Graphical Design

Business logo and Business Card

Fashion logo, Tag and Packaging

Banner and Flash Animation

(banner) (banner) HXP Banner FLASH (our full version flash animation banner)

Report Cover

Poster and Billboard

Restaurant menu

Web Development

Simple Web Site sample

Smark Travel Miller Court Restaurant

Full Web Site samples

Kimco Trading Young Tigers dojo
Lavue Classic Furniture Bondi Junction Kyokushin karate
Kaye Bridal Australian Kyokushin karate Association
K Plus (printing) Kyokushin karate World Cup


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