Marketing Promotion Solutions

Effective marketing promotion is key to the success of your business. For those of you who do not have experience or simply too busy to carry out your own marketing and promotion, B&E provides the key solutions of market research and promotion programs for you.

Market research solutions

Identifying target market, estimating its size and understanding the competitors are essentials factors for making decision on start up your new business or launch your new products. B&E will base on the nature and characteristics of your business and products, provides the most suitable market research solutions for you and fit your budget. For more information, please contact B&E business solutions (via our online enquiry form or email us) now.

Marketing promotion solutions

Letting customers know the existing of your business and products, is the pre-condition for making sales happen. B&E's marketing promotion programs will help your business and products to reach your target audiences with strong visual impact.

B&E's graphical design team will design and produce high quality business logos, business card, posters, pamphlets, catalogues, drop letters, document templates, presentation templates and web page templates for you in digital or traditional print format.

Our web development team will help you to develop and publish your web sites with professional presentation layout.

B&E's marketing promotion programs also provide many others services, such as:

Delivery solutions - deliver the printed marketing materials to residents in your business's local area.
Special event promotion solutions - organise promotion events on your business opening day etc.
And many others upon your requests.

We also provide a full customised package to suit your special needs and budget. For more information please contact B&E business solutions (via our online enquiry form or email us) now.

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